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High School Application Program # for incoming 9th graders X19A


Students of Bronx Collaborative High School are academic detectives, bringing New York City’s unique resources and rich history into the classroom to investigate and solve real-world mysteries. Our teachers connect student teams with community leaders, organizations, and professionals to collaborate on exciting projects.  These real-world experiences of teamwork offer students feedback that prepares them for success with college and career. Teachers and counselors know our families, recognize students’ talents, and support their needs from the first day to graduation. Our students learn to use social media to share ideas that create positive change and encourage social justice.

Key Features of BxCHS

  • Real-world challenges are used in courses; virtual trips and field trips enhance student learning
  • Technology, Web 2.0, and Social Media integrated through all subject areas
  • Teachers, students, and families work together-- creating a safe social and emotional enviornment

9th and 10th Grade is our CORE Foundation Program- Exploring Self, Community, and World

Special Activities include: Summer Orientation session; Course on Issues in New York City; Visits and Collaboration with local and national government officials/public policy training; Community Service; Autobiographical, Journalistic, and Memoir writing; Social Media and Online Skills Training

11th and 12th Grade is our CORE College Prep- Moving toward Change and Success in the World

Special Activities include: College visits/College Bound Seminar; college courses/College Preview program; Off-site internships; Business/Entrepreneurship training activities; Graduation Thesis projects; Senior Leadership Council

We believe that school should support students in finding their voice by creating many opportunities for Student Leadership roles in the school. During the 2013-2014 school year, we are expecting to offer:

  • Student Government
  • Peer Counselor/Peer Mediator Team
  • Youth Justice Committee

We support all students and families in preparing for college through:

  • College Bound Seminar courses
  • One-on-one advisement

Advisory teachers stay with students for 2 years and communicate with families

We build collaborations with New York City non-profit, educational, artistic, cultural, and recreational organizations to extend school offerings

Our Social Work/Counseling Team/ Dean work together to support students and families

We offer After School and Saturday School programs to offer extra help; We work with families to provide students Tutoring

Enrichment courses offer extra help or exciting electives (Journalism/Psychology/etc.)

Special Requirements

All BxCHS students must participate in:

  • Summer Orientation
  • Family Meeting upon enrollment
  • Community Service requirement (9th & 10th Grade)
  • Internship requirement (12th Grade)
  • Participation with Community-Based Organizations
  • Additional graduation requirements- Performance Based Assessment Tasks (PBATs)- in addition to New York State requirements students must complete in-depth graduation projects in each subject and present and defend their findings to a panel of evaluators